Why do we need to be concerned about recycling? The facts don’t lie, let’s take a look.


StatsCanada released these findings in 2008:

- On average, each Canadian was responsible for 777kg of waste disposal
- Saskatchewan exceeded the national average for per capita waste disposal
- Saskatchewan recorded the largest increase in waste sent for disposal, up about 8% from 2006.


What effects can we see by recycling our waste?

- We can conserve our natural resources such as timber, water and minerals. We use more of our
natural resources to make NEW items.
- We can prevent pollution caused by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
- We can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!


How much will residential recycling cost me?

- A monthly pickup is under $10 with applicable taxes. This includes everything you can store in the
60L or 80L blue bin provided plus two similar sized bins, NOT smaller, you provide if required. Special pickups will be based on the amount of items to be removed but we can guarantee it will be cheaper than a trip to the landfill.


When and where do I put my bin on recycling day?

To ensure pickup, have your recycling at the curb by  8:00 am. Your recycling will be collected between
8:00 am and 8:00 pm on your scheduled day. Check the calendar tab for your pickup day.


Housekeeping Items:

*Please wash out your bins periodically

*All recyclables MUST be clean

*Cigarette waste must be separated in its own bag/container

*Lightbulbs are NOT to be put into the bins due to safety but bring them down to the store for us to hold till the Hazardous waste day

*If there is a bag left on your bin after collection, please check it. These indicate unacceptable items.

*Coffee pods(Tdiscs and Kcups)-MUST be sorted into a separate bag/container as we are now accepting all of them. However, we have guidelines to adhere to for our end users. Any cups/pods with recycling numbers on the bottom, need to be emptied of grounds/cleaned and bagged together. Hint: most Tdiscs don't have a recycling symbol, so those can be put in a bag, grounds and all.

*Caps need to be off all bottles

*No more black styrofoam. Our end user has changed so until we are able to utilize our other avenue, it's no more black

*We are accepting ziploc bags, however, they MUST be clean

*No more colored glass, only clear

*Electronics-make sure they are marked with tape just saying "broken" or "works"

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to grow. We are continually striving to collect more items from you and saving the waste from hitting our environment!


What can I recycle?


Acceptable Materials:
All paper and cardboard
All beverage containers
Tin cans & other household metal
Clear glass
Plastic bags
Wood or metal products


Nickel cadmium batteries
Small household appliances (working or not)
Small electronics (working or not)

Numbered plastic as follows:  1 (clear and green only)  2 – 7 (any colour)
Alkaline batteries

Unacceptable Materials:
Food or organic wastes
Plastic film
Unnumbered plastic (unless on the list below)
Light bulbs, ceramics, window & mirror glass

Broken glass, tempered glass (eg. pyrex)

Used motor oil containers




What else do we RECYCLE?

BLUE EARTH has partnered with two other groups to collect even more waste! We are excited to be asking our customers for more items in our recycling bins.


Terracycle makes plastic pellets out of this list and creates new products for resale.


*Cigarette Waste- plastic wrap, foils, packaging, butts(put in a Ziploc bag)
*Air fresheners-all brands and sizes of plastic bottle caps, plastic trigger heads, plastic air freshener packaging,  plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges
*Coffee Bags-all paper and foil coffee bags

*Cookie wrappers/bags- all brands and sizes of bags and wrappers

*Diaper packaging-all brands of diaper and wipes packaging

*Laptops/Digital cameras/MP3’s/Inkjets/Toners/Cell phones-all makes and models

*Drink Pouches/ Lunchmate kits - all individual drink pouches and lunchmate containers

*Hot cereal packaging- all brands

*Cereal bags-all brands of cereal bag or liners

*TDisks and Nespresso capsules-these two brands only

* any brand of pens/caps, mechanical pencils, markers/ caps, highlighters and highlighter caps, permanent marker/caps

KLight recycles all fluorescent tubes by removing the gases and then dismantling them to create new tubes. There is a charge of $0.16/foot for these items listed below.

*Fluorescent lights all lengths, compacts, uBents



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