Getting Started.

As our blue bin customer base continues to grow, we want to make the transitions as easy as we can. We are now offering a twice a month pickup for the same fee! You heard it correct. Instead of switching days/areas for our customers, we want to offer a semi-monthly pickup. This helps out our workload as well to decrease our long recycling days. Please put your bin out on the two scheduled days, no matter how little you have accumulated. This helps our team with shorter recycling stops at each home. We hope this change is an advantage to you as well!


Get the whole family together and talk about the recycling program. Discuss items with family members before tossing it in the trash. Ask questions - could this be recycled in any way, does it have a recycling number?


Clean and rinse all recyclables as possible. Use existing dish water or put in dishwasher to make a full load. Store items in bin provided. Place recyclable bin(s) out before 8:00 a.m. at curbside on collection day. Take your emptied recycling container(s) inside as soon as you can.




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